On Earth Anthem

"Vedas- the first book of universal knowledge and wisdom says, 'Bhumi Mata Putroaham'- which means 'Earth is my mother, I am her son'. This is one of the essences of ancient Indian philosophy. Every effort to protect and respect mother earth is an effort to protect ourselves and our generations to come. The Earth Anthem is a beautiful effort in this direction. Thanks to all. Best wishes to Abhay Ji."- Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate, 15 June 2017

"We find that the idea of having an Earth Anthem is a creative and inspiring thought which would contribute to bringing the world together."- UNESCO more
"I am very very happy to do this Earth Anthem, and very happy that Mr. Abhay has written and put so much effort to make this happen. I think if people start listening to it and understanding what it is about, what lyrics are about, what its sound and emotions are about, its like we are all one, happily we are living on the earth, Earth is ours, its not that you're different, I'm different, we can be from different places, it has set depth to the whole thing, the concept. So if people understand, it will change the mentality of the man as generally music is the universal language."- Dr. L. Subramaniam on Earth Anthem

"The idea of an Earth Anthem is an excellent one which I fully endorse. Abhay Kumar's multi language lyrics is extremely inspiring and can easily be made into an official anthem for our beautiful planet."- Shyam Benegal

"An earth anthem is the need of the hour to give our  planet an identity.”- Kapil Sibal,  FormerUnion Minister

"...a global consciousness has certainly begun to emerge.  To tap into this nascent consciousness and give it form and focus, we need to establish a common language and common icons. In time, then, emerging generations of global citizens would come to rally around these, in realising their debt to and in paying tribute to the planet that sustains us all. What better icon, then, than our planet itself, and what more universal language than music!...an Earth Anthem shared and sung by all the peoples of the world."- Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Author, Former Minister of State

"Our planet needs an official earth anthem..,a song that every one across the world can sing, along with ones national anthems.I commend the effort made by poet-diplomat abhay k towards getting an official anthem for our planet." - Manisha Koirala, Veteran Bollywood Actress

"Having an Earth Anthem, a song composed for everyone across the world which can be sung along with one voice would be a very profound idea to bring the world together.''- Ani Choying Drolma, the Singing-Nun, Unicef Goodwill Ambassador

"Listening to this song (Earth Anthem by Abhay K),we as human beings feel gifted with most beautiful gift in the world by God which is nature. This song should be played in schools so that we could respect nature. Nowadays children stay away from nature due to technology, but nature is something that can't be created by human beings. Every country has its own anthem but this is something unique that that has been created for the earth. It is really good to hear a song for the earth." - Pushpa Basnet, CNN Hero 2012

"Enjoy the song and the visual as well! Great concept and certainly a forever theme to be written and sung about! Great work!" -Robert Lin, Hollywood Actor

"A significant contribution to Earth Day has been the "Earth Anthem," which was written by Indian diplomat Abhay Kumar, which includes lyrics in eight different languages. Truly an anthem for the Earth, it is an important addition to this international holiday."- Jennifer McIntyre, U.S. Consul General to Chennai, India

Our Earth is a beeeeeaautiful place to be. Where heaven falls to meet mother nature. We as members of the same planet need to cherish our oneness more often be it through our crazy dreams to climb the highest mountain in each continent, or rocking with an Earth anthem as proposed by poet Abhay K or by setting up millennial targets to uplift humanity, starting with Green cities as is the theme for this year's Earth Day. Happy Earth Day everyone!- Seven Summits Women  Read more